M-B Says Current C-Class Cars Will Not Be Discounted

Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz North America, has told Automotive News, an industry trade publication, that sales of the current lame-duck C-Class sedan are going well, and it appears the company will not have to do anything extra to move those units in advance of the new redesigned C-Class showing up in August.

Lieb is quoted in the article as saying he’s still cautious, but it looks like they’re holding their own on the current C-Class, which is now seven years old. So, if you were thinking you might be able to get yourself a deal on one, its not looking too likely at this point.

The new C-Class has been lauded by press and auto enthusiast magazines worldwide. It offers two distinct front-end treatments, a higher level of luxury, more power, better handling, and far more safety equipment than the model it replaces. Unlike other parts of the world, where M-B sells their B-Class and A-Class cars, the C-Class is the entry-level model for Mercedes-Benz in the United States. Lieb says he is confident that the new car will exceed the previous annual sales record of the current car in the near future.

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